Easy implementation

Noventia’s tools are easy to implement – implementation can be completed in just two hours.

Implementing Noventia's solution for Sourcing, Supplier Management and Sourcing Contract Management enhances organizations' ability to manage their sourcing processes. However, successfully adopting the new system typically requires careful planning and support.

The implementation of Noventia's sourcing tools is a rapid four-step process:

1. Technical setup

The tool can be personalized according to the customer's corporate image with colours and images, and if necessary, integrations with other existing systems can be designed.

Existing data, for example, the current supplier register, can be uploaded to speed up the implementation. The data can also be imported from other solutions through integrations, hence the time required may vary.

Integration, data upload and personalization are optional steps. It's possible to skip them and proceed directly to the next step.

2. Account basic settings

Noventia and the customer's main user go through the account settings together.

Additionally, the main user is advised on how to manage company-specific message templates, add supplier categories for classifying the suppliers, and create company-specific templates to speed up for example starting new tenders

3. User Training and Kick-off

Once the account settings are ready, a user training for all the buying organization users can be organized.

During the training, the best practices are reviewed and users can ask for advice regarding the use of the system. Users can begin to work on their actual sourcing and supplier management projects right away.

The user training is always included in the onboarding phase, and additional training sessions can be arranged when needed. Additionally, the customers have access to a virtual training package.

4. Usage begins

The solution is now ready for use. Noventia Helpdesk provides support for both the suppliers and users within the sourcing organization. Noventia account manager is also available to assist the main users. In most cases, the main users support other users in their own organization.

Monitoring the level of usage is easy with Noventia. For the onboarding phase, it is recommended to create a strategic plan of the projects to be done.

This way the solution is effectively implemented and the benefits start accumulating right from the very first project.

The time required for the onboarding process depends on whether integrations with other systems are required, if data is uploaded into the account, and how large is the number of sourcing organization users to be trained.

The quickest implementation has taken only two hours from the customer's initial contact!

Sanni Laine-Luoto
Sanni Laine-Luoto

CEO, Noventia Oy
+358 45 114 4883

Iina Nortunen
Iina Nortunen

Key Account Manager, Noventia Oy

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